Monday, April 21, 2008

Great opportunity to see a network producing legend

I am pleased to announce that our final guest in the Executive
Suite 2008 will be the legendary
Producer/Director Max Schindler of NBC News

Max directed; "
Meet the Press" for 20 years receiving 2 Peabody Awards and and Emmy

The Today Show" (Washington segments) for 22 years

produced or directed;
Coverage at all political conventions from 1964 until Bush 43

Coverage of the
JFK, MLK and RFK funerals

Various Inaugurals

The coverage of
Pope John Paul II's White House visit and ceremony

The 2004
Ronald Reagan funeral, for which he received an Emmy award, just to name a few!

Max will be joining us on Wednesday July 23 in Wechsler starting at 3:30 pm. Please invite your students to hear one of the living legends of live television, in person here at American University

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